How do I add a blog activity?

Basic Activity Set up: Blog

Below you will find a video tutorial and step by step instruction on how to add a blog.

1. Select Activities > Add Blog

2. Enter a start date - the date and time you set will then open the activity for participants.   
3. Enter a close date - the date and time you set will then close the activity for participants.

4. Select a social setting - Together™ offers three social settings that you select from when setting up your activity: 

  • Open – participant responses from activities with this setting can be seen by everyone within the community 
  • In-segment – participant responses from activities with this setting can only be seen by people within the same segment 
  • Private – Output from activities with this setting can only be seen by the post author. Participants do NOT see each other participant responses.  Survey and Mark Up activities are always private whereas a discussion activities social setting can not be set as private.

5. Select the activity response setting - as a researcher you can set the bias control for open and in-segment activities. 

  • A biased setting allows the participant to see what others have said before they post their response. 
  • An unbiased setting means that the participant must post their individual response before they can see what others have said.

6. Select next and then enter in an activity title - an example of an activity title would be 1.1 Getting to know you 
Tip:  Providing a numerical structure to your activity titles will provide participants with a numerical order in which to complete the activities.
7. Enter your activity summary - the activity summary is optional and will appear on the participants homepage along with the activity title.  Keep it simple and to the point, for example: "Introduce yourself to the community".
8. Enter the activity details - the activity details are the task you want the participants to complete. 
Tip: Be specific in your activity details, for example, if you want them to include a video or photo with their response ask them to do so. 
9. Upload Stimulus - if you are are asking participants to review stimulus add it now or upload an image to give your activity a visual component.  You can upload images, videos, pdfs and even word documents.

10. Select next and set your activity allocation - activity allocation allows you to set which segment can access and participate in the activity.  The default allocation setting is all participants. You can change the allocation simply by checking the segment you want to allocate the activity to.

11. Save!

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