Inviting Participants

How do I invite my participants to the community?

To send your participants a welcome email go to the communicate tab > select compose email > select all participants > select next then compose your email. To send the email select save and send.  To schedule the email select the calendar and enter the date and time you would want your email to be sent.

Emails sent to participants will come from the email address

Here is an example welcome email (you are welcome to edit and amend as deemed fit):

Subject Line: Welcome to the online community 


Many thanks for being part of this project. The reason we’re asking you to join our online community is to …. We are going to ask you to …

You can get on board and set up your profile today, [Date]. The platform will stay open until [Date]. Over the next x days, I’d like you to complete a series of simple tasks and answer some questions and, if you’re interested, take a look at what others are saying and comment on their posts. Each day there will be a new task for you. You will see the task appear on your homepage.

My name is xxx. I will be overseeing the various activities and reading your posts. I may also ask you some extra questions as we go along, just to make sure I am really understanding what you’re saying. I am also here to help you with any questions or problems that you might have. You’ll see my profile when you log in and can contact me directly through the community if needed.

Getting Set Up

The community can be accessed through your laptop, desktop computer, or smartphone.

Use the link at the end of this email to log in, and follow the instructions

You might want to bookmark the page for future use.

Additional Information

During the course of the project you may get some emails to alert you about tasks. These emails will come from the address To ensure that they don’t land in your Spam folder, please save this address to your Contacts.


If you have any problems logging on or have any technical issues, tech support is available through the orange Help button, and I can be contacted directly at [email] for queries related to the project and activities.

Looking forward to speaking online with you soon.


TIPS: We recommend that you pre-schedule an email each morning of your study providing participants with details on what to expect for the day.  A daily email provides a reminder to participants as well increases participant engagement.

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