How do I import (upload) participants?

There are two options for importing or adding your participants: import multiple participants from a .csv template file or add individual participants manually.

Below you will find a video tutorial and step by step instructions on how to import your participants. 

Option 1 - Importing Multiple Participants

To upload your participants you will begin by creating your segments.  Once you have created your segments you can then download the customized upload file from the users tab. Follow the below steps to import (upload) participants:

  1. On the Users Tab click import participants

  2. Click on the Template file hyperlink to download your .CSV file with all your segmentation included.

  3. In the template csv file add the participants email addresses the place a “Y” in the relevant segmentation column(s)
    1. Leave column b (external_reference) blank 
    2. For each participant, add their email address and a 'y' for each segment they belong to

  1. Save the csv file (ensure it is saved as a csv file and NOT .xls
  2. Select the file by clicking choose file and finding the file you just saved
  3. Select Start Import

Option 2: Adding each participant separately

  1. Create segments (under the set up tab)
  2. Users Tab > Add User
  3. Enter email address
  4. Select participant role
  5. Select the segment(s) the participants belongs to
  6. Select Save
  7. Repeat for each individual participant

Watch our video tutorial on how to upload your participants:

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