What is a Picturebook activity and why would I use it?

You know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and that is what the Picturebook activity does!  You can think of this activity as the Instagram of Together.  Participants upload images and caption each image sharing their thoughts as to why they choose to upload that photo. 

Here are a couple of examples on when to use the Picturebook activity:

  1. Projective techniques - Have participants upload 3-5 images that represent a specific brand and ask them to capture the images answering why?
  2. Semiotic Studies - The study of signs and signification.  Asking participants to share images of how they feel about a specific brand. 
  3. Pantry Check Ins - Ask your participants to create an image gallery of their pantry.

Below is an example of a Picturebook activity:

Activity Title: 2.1 Your shoe cupboard

Activity Details:
Welcome to Day 2! For this activity, please take all the shoes out of your wardrobe (including shoes in other places, under your bed and outside the front or back door!)

Now, we'd like you to group your shoes into categories and to take pictures of the shoes grouped under each category.

1. Please group together the shoes you can't live without and those you couldn't care less about (in fact, you wonder why you have not binned or donated them!) Take a picture of both groups and tell us, in the caption, why these shoes made their way in each group. 

2. Now please group together shoe brands that you feel are authentic and shoe brands that are not. 

3. And finally, please group your shoes according to anything else that is meaningful to you.  Choose a relevant criterian, group your shoes accordingly and tell us why you have selected the shoes that fit into the chosen categories.

Have fun!

Researcher Tips:
1. See what shoes people have actually purchased and kept (not only what they say they own). 
2. Understand what shoes people like and dislike and why. 
3. Understand what authenticity means in the context of shoe brand, which brands get it right or wrong and why.
4. Check whether 'Soft Soles' or other key competitor brands are considered in the 'can't live without' and/or 'authentic' categories. 

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