What is an IdeaStorm activity and why would I use it?

The IdeaStorm tool is designed to support group ideation sessions where ideas and concepts can be shared and rated. It’s a bit like crowdsourcing but with smaller groups. Concepts the participants create can be submitted as text only, or in pictures and video formats and as a researcher you can encourage participants to vote for their favourite new idea and even build on each others ideas by asking them to share on how they would improve on one another's concepts.

Here are a couple of examples as to when to use the IdeaStorm activity type:

  1. Ideation - have participants create their ideal/perfect product asking participants to conduct a S.W.A.T analysis for their product. 
  2. New product creation - ask your participants to come up with a new product to solve a specific problem.  For example, how can you better bottle water? 

Below is an example IdeaStorm activity:

Activity Title: 3.2 Get Creative & Collaborate

STEP 1 - ideas

Like all companies, COMPANY BRAND want to grow. They are currently exploring new opportunities beyond pies. They are thinking about what products they could comfortably sell in addition to pies, products that naturally ‘”fit” their brand.

I’d like you to imagine that you are working for COMPANY BRAND and have been asked to present expansion ideas to the company boss.

Using the tools below, I'd like you to share your ideas. It would be great if you could bring your ideas to life as much as possible.

In particular, I'd like you to include why you think your ideas are a good fit for Pieman?

STEP 2 - voting and idea building

For this stage, I'd like you to now imagine you are the Pieman boss. Read through the ideas submitted by fellow participants. Where you can,  give feedback on their ideas, using the comment option below their post. Remember, you’re the boss, so the feedback must be constructive and motivating, not negative and downbeat.

You can also use the voting tools to vote ideas up or down - the up and down arrows are located to the left of the person's idea.

Researcher Tips:
Breaking the IdeaStorm activity into two steps provides clear instructions to the participants and encourages collaboration!

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