What is a diary activity and when would I use it?

The diary tool allows you as the researcher to track participants behaviour or experiences over a given period of time. Participants complete the same set of questions multiple times throughout the study.  The diary tool was designed for diary activities i.e. product usage, brand experiences or ‘a week in the life’ type studies that require more structure. 

The diary tool allows you to construct a series of questions that the participants can answer, per diary entry such as single choice, multiple choice, video upload only, photo and open-ended.

Here are a couple examples of when to use the diary activity:

  1. Product Placement and/or Usage - Have participants share their daily experiences with a specific product to identify what works, what doesn’t and what needs changing.
  2. Behaviour - Capture in the moment reactions and emotions through easy to complete activities. Using text and video questions you can become a fly on the wall and witness routines and rituals as they unfold. 

Below is an example Diary activity:

Activity Title: Food Ads Diary

Food is everywhere and all different types of companies want to serve it to you! Over the course of the week, we'd like you to keep a diary of all the food ads you come across that are advertising a meal to you (e.g. a supermarket ad for a ready-made meal, an ad for a takeaway, or an ad for a new restaurant etc). Any and all types of ads advertising a full meal counts.  Please stay alert, we want you to notice meal ads wherever they are: on TV, radio, social media, billboards, at bus stops, in magazines, etc. 

When you see an ad that is marketing a meal, we'd like you to:

1. Upload a quick picture or a short video of the ad
2. Caption the picture or video with a one line description of what it's about and where you sa it (e.g. on TV, on the bus, in a newspaper, etc).
3. Did you like it, and why?
4. How did it make you feel?
5. Does it tempt you to try this option? Why? Why not?
6. Anything else you want to share!

Researcher Tips:
Diary activities can be completed multiple times per day and will be repeated everyday during the community to give you a range of insights.

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