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Activity Templates: Communications Testing

Communications testing. The process of uncovering genuine insights about what people really feel, why they behave as they do and what might lead them to change their behaviour. It may sound simple...but it’s not!

Our activity templates includes a range of activities, from warm-ups and ice-breakers, to deep cultural immersion projects and concept testing, designed to surface those elusive insights on Together™, our industry leading online qual and research community platform. 

Our approach

The template is designed for use with our online qual research platform, Together, and uses a three-stage approach of communications testing:

  • Explore
  • Contextualise
  • Evaluate

Each stage of the templates contains a carefully tiered range of tasks and activities. Step-by-step, they help you to understand the wants, needs and behaviour of your target audience: going deeper every time. Uncover:

  • What your brand is communicating to people.
  • What competitor brands are communicating.
  • The best way to communicate in order to achieve your goal(s)

Click here to download your copy to learn our tried and tested approach to communications testing.

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