What is a survey activity and when would I use it?

The Together platform is designed primarily for qualitative research, it has an in-built simple survey tool. The survey tool lets you create private surveys with a variety of question types, including open-ended, ranking, single-choice and multiple-choice. You can add as many questions to the survey as you wish including page breaks and page randomization. The survey tool does not support routing and logic and is a great tool to extract or dig deeper into the participants psyche and thoughts.  

Here are a few examples for when to use the survey tool:

  1. Private Activity: Create a private survey to explore participants opinions on a specific subject matter where you want them to completed a series of open ended and close ended questions within one activity.
  2. Concept/Ad Testing:  Drill down into the participants thoughts about an ad or concept by asking a series of single choice and open-ended questions. 
  3. Ranking: Ask your participants to rank ideas, packaging concepts etc. in order of most preferred to least preferred.

Below is an example Survey activity:

Activity Title: 3.1 Brand Associations
Introduction: Today, we want to tap into the ideas, images, feelings, people, places, music etc that come to mind in relation to three shoe brands.

Page 1 - Brand A Open Ended Question

Please write down, as quickly and 'unthinkably' as possible, all the words that come to mind when you think about [Brand A].  
Don't censor yourself. Don't change your responses.  Just aim for at least 10 words - but more if you can. Go!

Page 2 - Brand B Open Ended Question

Let's have all the ideas, images, feelings, people, places, music and so on that come to mind in relation to [Brand B]. Don't think too hard! We are only interested in your spontaneous associations.

Again, aim for at least 10 words :)

Page 3 - Brand C Open Ended Question
We want all ideas, images, feelings, people, places, music and so on that come to mind in relation to [Brand C].

You know the drill! Aim for at least 10. Good luck!

Page 4 - Familiarity Single Choice Question

Thinking of the three brands we just asked about which brand are you most familiar with?
Brand A
Brand B
Brand C

Researcher Tip:
Survey activities are always private and can only be completed once.

Can I randomize the order in which participants view concepts in a survey activity?
Yes, by separating each image and respective set of questions with a page break you can then select randomize pages when setting up your survey activity.

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