What is a MarkUp activity and when would I use it?

Together’s MarkUp tool allows you to present participants with an ad or concept, whether text based, image based or a video and participants can drop a pin on what they like, dislike, find confusing and/or would improve.  The MarkUp tool is  designed for ad and concept testing. It provides instant feedback with a range of outputs including heatmaps. When prompted by the researcher, participants drop pins in areas of interest. They can drop one or more pins and provide text-based responses explaining why they made the choice they did. Participants can also use ‘emoticons’ to tell you how the stimulus makes them feel. 

Here are a few example of when to use the MarkUp activity:

  1. Ad Testing - When you want to get the participants initial gut reaction to a new ad.
  2. Concept Testing - When you are looking to get participants feedback on a concept.
  3. Projective Techniques - Using images such as blog trees, find out how participants feel about a specific brand or experience.

Here is an example MarkUp activity

What type of stimulus can be evaluated in a MarkUp tool?

The MarkUp tool accepts the following image file types: .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp with a maximum file size of 20mb.

Can participants evaluate a video using the Markup tool?
Yes!  Participants can watch a video and drop pins during the video to provide feedback.  The accepted video file types are: mov, mpg, flv, avi, mp4, m4v, wmv, 3gp webm with a maximum file size of 400mb.

How many pins can participants drop per question?
You can set the number of pins participants can drop per question in a MarkUp activity.  The maximum number of pins that can be dropped is 5 with the minimum number of pins dropped being one.  You can also force participants to drop a certain number of pins by selecting the setting a total of # pins.

Here is an example Heatmap that can be downloaded from your Markup Activity

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