What is a discussion activity and why would I use it?

As the name suggests, the discussion tool is great when you want to facilitate an interactive discussion among the community, or segments of it. The discussion activity allows community members to share their views and opinions and interact with each other. Participants can include pictures, video, text and share web links to bring their responses to life.  

As the moderator you can help encourage the discussion by directly asking participants to share their thoughts and then to review and comment on two or three other participants' comments.  

A couple of examples for when to use the discussion tool:

  1. Concept Testing - Have participants share their thoughts and ideas on a new advertisement or product.  
  2. Group Introduction - Have participants introduce themselves to the research time in a private setting.
  3. Anything you want the participants to discuss together! 

Below is an example discussion activity:

Activity Title: 1.2 To be (authentic) or not to be

Now let's have a conversation about what you think makes a brand 'authentic'. Share with the group:

- What does it mean to you for a brand to be authentic?
- How is that demonstrated? How do you know if a brand is authentic?
- Is heritage, history and brand longevity important to authenticity?

Please give us examples of a few brands that get this wrong and a few brands that get this right.

Once you have shared your thought and examples join the conversation by reading through what others have posted and then comment on 2 or 3 posts to get the conversation going!

Researcher Tips:
Encouraging discussion between participants within the activity details sets expectations and increases the dialogue between participants.

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