What is a blog activity and why would I use it?

The blog tool is one of the most versatile and widely used research tools Further has to offer. The blog activity allows you as the researcher to capture digital diaries, journals, everyday experiences, shopping trip experiences, product placement experiences and so much more. Participants can include pictures, video, text and share web links in their responses.

A few of examples for when to use the blog tool:

  1. Product Placement Video Uploads - Want to see the participants using a product?  Have the participants record a short video showing you how they use the product and their thoughts on the product. They can add a new blog post everytime they use the product.
  2. Projective Techniques - Have your participants write a Dear John or love letter to a brand. 
  3. Shopping Mission - Send your participants on a shopping mission and ask them to upload photos and share their instore experience. 
  4. Private Introduction - Have participants introduce themselves to the research time in a private setting.Here is an example blog activity:

Here is an example blog activity:
Activity Title: 1.1 Getting to know you!

Hello and welcome to this community. Over the next few days, we will be talking shoes and shoe brands. Who doesn't like to talk about shoes?!

But before we get into this conversation, we'd like to find out a little about you.  Please introduce yourself to everyone in the community by sharing:
Your first name
Your favourite hobbies

We'd then like you to tell us:
If you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be an why?

Please take a photo of your favourite pair of shoes and upload it - along with a comment about why this is your favourite shoe.  They can be old and tatty or sparkling new!

Make time to read what others are posting and do comment or put a 'like' if you feel like it.  Enjoy.

Researcher Tips:
The above blog activity provides the following community and research benefits:

  1. A good ice breaker!
  2. Sets the tone for the community - the first task will set the tone for your community.  You need to decide on the level of formality that is appropriate to your audience.  Generally, a warm, conversational tone works well.
  3. Creates a sense of a community where members interact with each other
  4. Gets people used to uploading photo
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