Participant Management

We help your project or community run smoothly and take some of the strain for you by assisting in managing your participants through: creating and sharing participation reports with your team, liaising with recruiters to check that everyone is fully engaged and doing what\s asked of them and most importantly ensuring that on day one, everyone is onboard and active. Finally this also includes a final participation summary which can be used to inform incentive payments. 

What you need to do

  • Upload your participants directly into the platform into their relevant segments one business day before community launch 
  • Inform us whether you would like participation reports sent to yourself or your recruiters

What we do

  • On day 1 by midday, we will provide the first participation summary to inform who has/hasn’t logged in and provide this information with yourself/your recruiters
  • Check in on community to make sure everyone is participating (and chase those who aren’t) either via yourself/your recruiters
  • Produce final day participation summary that you can share with your recruiters for incentive allocation


  • Day 1 (community launch) - make sure everyone is logged in
  • Day 3 and every other day for duration of community - check in to make sure everyone is participating
  • Final day - produce participation summary


  • Participation summary at the end of fieldwork


Number of Participants/Community Duration GBP USD
Participant management 0-30: 1-5 days £240 $350
Participant management 0-30: 6-10 days £480 $650
Participant management 0-30: 11-15 days £650 $850
Participant management 0-30: 16-30 days £950 $1,250
Participant management 31-60: 1-5 days £260 $400
Participant management 31-60: 6-10 days £500 $750
Participant management 31-60: 11-15 days £680 $1,000
Participant management 31-60: 16-30 days £980 $1,350
Participant management 61-100: 1-5 days £300 $500
Participant management 61-100: 6-10 days £540 $850
Participant management 61-100: 11-15 days £720 $1,200
Participant management 61-100: 16-30 days £1,020 $1,500
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