Basic Optimisation

Our online qualitative experts will work with your draft guide to make sure that your project gets the very best out of our platform, and your respondents. We'll give you our research template, you write your guide into our template and we then work our magic in terms of activities, settings and technical know how. All of which means you can be confident that you have the best insights possible. We recommend this for anyone who is light on time or platform knowledge and wants a design boost.

Please note:

1) After the optimisation process, any further changes or requests to your guide will be subject to extra support charges. Please see 'Advanced optimisation' for added help in design and implementation

2) This does not include guidance or support in creating activities or ensuring that they meet the insight objectives required for your project (Please request Project Design). 

What’s involved? :

  • A 30 min initial kick-off briefing call between Further and your team
  • You write the guide and share this with Further in our template. 
  • Our research team will ensure that it fits the platform in terms of activity settings and uses the most effective language. Once the optimised guide is delivered back to you, you are responsible for any changes.

What you need to do

  • Share any briefing documents upon commission
  • Write your guide into our template (in English)
  • Book/ Join a 30 min kick off call to explain the objectives, provide an overview of the approach and talk us through your draft guide written in our template

What we do

  • Review your guide document to ensure that its a good fit with the Together platform and gets the most out of your community 
  • Provide one round of changes
  • Sense check the workload participants are required to complete during the project and provide recommendations to reduce attrition and improve engagement and response quality 
  • Ensure your activities can make full use of Together’s analytical tools to help you find and report your insights faster 
  • Spell and grammar check


  • Day 0 - you provide the guide English/translated
  • Day 1- A 30 min call can happen any time up until one week before launch
  • Day 2-4- we optimise your guide
  • Day 5 - your guide will be ready for programming

IF your guide is not written in English:

  • The Further team will require an English version of the guide (for reference) 


  • We will deliver an updated guide with track changes and comments as necessary
  • A finalized discussion guide ready for programming


Basic Optimisation 1-5 Days £800 $1,100
Basic Optimisation 6-10 Days £1000 $1,350
Basic Optimisation 11-15 Days £1,200 $1,500
Basic Optimisation 16-30 Days £1,700 $2,000

NOTE: Basic optimisation is only available to Further clients who have purchased a Together software license.

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