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Activity Template: Brand insight and perceptions

How do customers see your brand? In their eyes, what sets you apart from your competitors? What do they see as your strengths – and weaknesses?

These are vital questions for any organisation. Understanding how you’re perceived by customers (whether they’re an existing or a potential market) will help you develop the right strategies to enhance those perceptions in the market.

Understanding the strengths of your brand, how defensible and differentiated they are can help you identify what sets your brand apart, where you sit in the market and where, therefore, you may have room to extend. At Further, we can help you unlock these insights.

We’ve created a library of online qual research activity templates. These include our Brand Insights and Brand Perceptions activity template, designed to uncover:

  • Perceptions of your brand and your competitor’s brands
  • What your customers (actual and potential) know, think, feel, imagine and do
  • The profile and lifestyles of the people in your sample group

The template is designed for use with our online qual research platform, Together and packed with tasks and activities that can be adapted to any organisation or brand. These activities are structured so that they build on one another: methodically revealing rich insights into the participants.

Click here to download your copy today.

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