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Why conduct online qualitative research?

Online qualitative research lets you immerse yourself in your target audiences lives, observe their rituals and habits first-hand. You can witness how people feel and react in the moment. It allows you to conduct a range of one-time and multiple-response activities such as retail safaris, concept testing and journals. It’s also ideal when you want to encourage independent interaction between respondents. Often the most fascinating discussions start when participants ask each other questions – questions you might not think to ask as a moderator or observer. 

When to use online qualitative research?
You should consider running online qualitative research when:

  • You have a geographically spread sample
  • You need to give respondents time to consider and reflect on their experiences
  • You want to encourage open, expressive and creative thought and response
  • You want to capture pictures and videos in the moment
  • The service / product / problem to be researched is also based online
  • You need to track shifting attitudes and behaviours over time
  • You need a balance between the individual’s story and group reactions
  • The topic is extremely personal or complex, in which case respondents might struggle to express themselves in a face-to-face environment

To learn more download our Further's Guide to Online Qualitative Research: Guide_to_Online_Qualitative_Research.pdf 

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