Together Demo Video

Looking for something specific?  Below you will find a timestamp of the demo video:

Intro @ 0:08
Speaking starts: 00:17
How we work 00:28
What Together is used for 00:58
As a business 01:34
Different ways of working (for you, with you, by you) 2:51
Who has used Together 4:50
Walk through begins - Together description (visual: participant first page w/ rooms) 5:13
Participant features and customisation 6:47
Core platform uses 7:56
Blog example 7:58
Picture Book and uses 9:05
Projective tools/stim 9:42
Projective testing 10:14
Survey 10:30
Group discussions 12:55
IdeaStorm 13:30
Ranking tool 13:59
Central signposting 14:33
Pages 15:00
Researcher dashboard 15:50
Activity review 18:56
Tags, notes and analysis 19:50
Text analysis 20:18
Exporting data 20:45

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