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Tips on maximizing participant engagement

Here are some tips / reminders to help you maximise participation and engagement levels from participants, hope they prove useful:

  1. If participants experience technical issues please direct them to contact technical support via the orange help button that can be found at the top right of their screen. 
  2. Feel free to go and say hi to the participants who have started completing the 1st task.  Or you could also click the ‘like/heart icon’ to show you’ve seen and like their comment. This will help them feel welcome, and in turn will boost their engagement going forward.  More engaged moderators means more engaged participants :) Also, when you leave a probe or question that you need them to reply to, use the 'Request reply' checkbox before adding a comment. That will boost the chances you'll get a response from them. 

  3. Participants DO NOT get automatic notifications when tasks are added / go live. One thing that you may consider is composing and sending out an email (from the Communicate tab) to the participants to let them know that new activities have been posted and encourage them to log in.  You can also include some details on the subject matter for the day as a way to entice the participants to stay on track and to log in daily.
  4. Check participant signup status, last login date, which activities each participant has completed and individual response rates using the Participant Summary report. Generate this by clicking on the ‘New summary’ button in the ‘Community Health’ block then downloading the Excel report once ready. This is also a handy report to share with your recruiters IF they will be doing the chasing.
  5. Easily email those who have not completed specific activities by using the 'Participants who have not participated in a particular activity' recipient option when composing a new email in the Communicate tab. 

  6. Remind participants of the community close date and incentives at stake. Knowing the dates and times adds a natural sense of urgency.
  7. Participants unsure of which tasks are left to complete? Tell them to look for any activities with the orange ‘New’ (will be in local language) under the title. These are the tasks that remain to be completed.

  8. Remember a lot of the elements on the Dashboard are useful shortcuts so don't hesitate to click and see where it takes you, or what info it gives you ;-) GO and watch the ‘Monitoring Community Health & Engagement’ tutorial video in the Client Resources Area to learn more, which you can also access from the platform, next to the orange Help button.
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