How do I log in?

As a community manager or project administrator for an online community you will first have to create your profile and set up your password.  Below you will find a video tutorial as well as step by step instructions. 

1. Select 'get started'

2. Enter in the email address you received the invite to the online community at. 
3. Select 'Go' 
4. Enter in your first name and last name 
5. Enter in a username 
6. Enter in a password and then re-enter the password  
7. Community Managers will be asked to create a community managers introduction (a few words introducing yourself to the participants)
8. You can upload a profile picture is you choose (we recommend it)

8. Select Next

Researcher Tip: We recommend you write a short biography as a way of introducing yourself to your participants, and have a profile picture ready to use, so participants can put a face to the name. 

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