How do I export data?

Exporting your data is as easy as deciding what format you want the data to be exported in Excel or Word.  

Below you will find a video tutorial and step by step instructions on how to export the complete data set.

  1. Select Review
  2. Select Export 

  3. Select File Type (Excel or Word)
  4. Select Create

Researcher Tips: 

1. Select 'export multimedia to individual folder' to export all participant images and videos in an separate folder.
2. Select 'separate tags into individual columns' when exporting in excel in order to filter on the tags used during pre-analysis.
3. Select 'anonymise' to remove participants real names to remove any PII in your exports.

Once you have requested the export you can then go to the reports tab and download the file.

For more information on reporting and analysis download our ‘ 10 essential tips for analysis and reporting’.

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