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How do I probe participants?

Can I as the researcher interact with the participants?

Yes and we strongly encourage you to interact with the participants!  For best practices and tips on moderation download the below articles:

  1. Best practices tips for community moderation
  2. Research communities: How to get better engagement from your members

How do I ask a participant a follow up question (probe)?

Interacting with your participants is as easy as posting to any social media platform.  When you are reviewing a participants response to an activity you will find a comment button.  Simply click on the comment button, type in your follow up question or comment and then select add comment.

How do I send a private probe to a participant?

Sending a participant a private follow up question or comment is as easy as 1-2-3.  Simply click the comment button beneath the participants response, type in your question/comment and then check the box to the right of mark as private before selecting add comment.

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