Together Short Term Licence Costs - USD

Short term 
Ad-hoc online qualitative research projects and pop-up communities

Use Together for individual online qual projects and communities, to help you understand what people think, feel and do. Use cases include:

Attitudes and behaviours 
Brand insight 
Shopper research 
Customer journeys 
User research 
Consumer co-creation 
Persona and segmentation studies 
Concept Testing 
And more ... 

Below is pricing in USD for short term (3 - 30 days) online communities:

Feel free to download our 2022 Rate Card USD 

Extension Policy
Day extensions are available at any time during your project. Extensions are charged at $100 per day.

Our pledge to you: You will never be charged more than the difference between the original license purchased and the next license up. Please contact if you require an extension.

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